Dancing Your Way To A Longer Life (source unknown)

Want to know some good steps to a longer life?  Try some tango, hip-hop or salsa steps!  Turns out the teenagers from Footloose were on to something, marching it up to court in order to un-ban dancing and rock music in their little Midwestern town.Yep, not only is there a wide range of dancing steps to get your groove on - there's also a wide range of reasons why you should try them!

It's good for your heart, weight, blood sugar levels - pretty much just your body in general. 

Regular dancing can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and perhaps some cancers. Says who? Dr Peter Mace, assistant medical director of BUPA Wellness.

Your social life will benefit

Dancing alleviates social isolation.  Research by Mr Jonathan Skinner of Queen's University, Belfast says the social benefits of dancing help to counteract aging.

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It's mighty good for your mood

A little known fact about getting footloose: dancing gives you an energizing "dancer's high", which can satisfy the craving for less healthy habits.  Researchers from Budapest and from Trent University, Nottingham UK, developed a standardized tool called the Dance Motivation inventory, or DMI.  These researchers found that people who dance do it to gain mood enhancement, escape stress, and increase socialization - the same rewards people seek when pursuing riskier behaviours like drinking and gambling.

Dancing keeps your brain younger for longer

Dancing is one of the most effective physical activities out there to slow down the aging process of the brain.  According to a study in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, this is because it requires memorizing new steps, movements and routines.  Best of all, dancing is a form of exercise that's well-known for being fun.  In other words, you don't know that you're working out, gaining confidence, keeping your brain young and making friends - your're just enjoying yourself.  Moreover, dance has made its way into the gym, where you can join classes incorporating different dance styles into one big, massively fun workout.  For many celebrities - like Jennifer Lopez, for example, dancing is a way to regain confidence and boost their mood.  It allows you to see what your body is capable of and releases endorphins - all the while torching calories, making you happy, healthy and young again.

 So what are you waiting for?  Go get your groove on!


[Here at Pershore Scottish Country Dance Society we are just a little bit biased and would rate Scottish dancing way above any other forms of dancing!]