Charity Dance in aid of British Heart Foundation

Sunday 18th February 2018 - 3:00pm

                                   Peopleton Village Hall  WR10 2EA

      Tickets £6.00 (£3.50 for students and spectators) 

(Please bring a plate of finger food)




                                       1          Anniversary Reel                                   R

                                       2          Napier's Index                                       J

                                       3          Blue Mess Jacket                                   S

                                       4          Peggy's 100th Birthday                           R

                                       5          Phantom Piper                                      J

                                       6          Culla Bay                                              S

                                       7          Broadford Bay                                       R

                                       8          Farewell to Crumlin                              J

                                       9          Rose of the North                                  S

                                     10          Lady Sophia Lindsay                               R


                                      11        Follow Me Home                                      J

                                      12        Cashmere Shawl                                      S

                                      13         Meeting of the Waters                            R

                                      14         The Hazel Tree                                      J

                                      15         Iona Cross                                              S

                                      16         Mrs Stuart Linnel                                    R

                                      17         It's Just for Fun                                      J

                                      18         Robertson Rant                                      S

                                      19         Milton's Welcome                                   R

                                      20         Irish Rover                                             R


                                         1        Blooms of Bon Accord                             R

                                         2        McLeod's Fancy                                      J

                                         3        Neidpath Castle                                     S


Tickets from Mike Taylor, 31 Sunnyside, Worcester, WR1 1RL     Tel: 01905 28824

Please make cheques payable to J M Taylor.


NB  To save costs, tickets/cribs will only be sent out  if you send/give a stamped addressed envelope (4" x 9" or A5 please) to Mike.  Alternatively, pass on your email address.