Saturday 16th June 2018 at 7.00pm

Pershore High School, WR10 2BX

Dancing to: The Craigellachie Scottish Dance Band

Tickets cost £12 for dancers, £6 for students

(Please bring a plate of savouries)




       1      Dancing Master                                         J       John Drewry, Donside Book (1989)

       2      Anniversary  Reel                                      R       Sheila Mui,r RSCDS Book 36 (1980)               

       3      Victoria Plums                                          S       John Drewry (2004)

       4      Mrs Stuart Linnell                                     R       John Bayly, Imperial Book 3 (1976)

       5      Wind Dragon                                             R       Iain Boyd, Island Bay Collection 2 (1990)

       6      Robertson Rant                                         S       Mrs Douglas Winchester, RSCDS Book 39 (1949)

       7      Trip to Bavaria                                          R       James Macgregor-Brown,  Guide to SCD (ex Collins) (1996)

       8      Bob Shakespeare's Jig                                J       Gillian Jennings, Catherine de Barnes Collection 4 (2012)

       9      Scott Meikle                                              R       Alice McLean,  RSCDS Book 46 (2010)                

     10     1314                                                          M       John Drewry, Rondel Book (1967)


      11     Domino Five                                               R       Derek Haynes, 4th Carnforth Collection of SCDs (1998)

      12      Chopped Nuts and Chocolate Swirls             J       Van Meter Hord, Just Desserts (2010)                  

      13      Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord                          S       John Drewry, Bon Accord Book (1964)

      14      Invitation Dance                                         J       Roy Goldring, Auld Friends Meet (2005)

      15     Diamond Jubilee                                          J       Robert M Campbell, RSCDS Book 31 (1983)

      16     Belle of Bon Accord                                      S       John Drewry, Deeside Book 2 (1981)

      17     Shiftin Bobbins                                            R       Roy Clowes, Ormskirk 6

     18    Neidpath Castle                                  S       Derek Haynes, RSCDS Book 22 (1963)

     19    Nottingham Lace                                 R      Jenny Bradley, Nottingham Lace

     20    Mairi's Wedding                                   R       James B Cosh, 22 SCDs (1959)


       1   Garry Strathspey                                  S        James B Cosh, 22 SCDs (1959)

       2   Black Mountain Reel                             R        Haynes, Carnforth Collection 3 (1968)    

       3   Ramadan-ce                                         R         John Drewry, Turkish Set (2000)


       Auld Lang Syne                                 The Queen                  Bluebell Polka


If you are celebrating anything in 2018, or if any of the dances on the programme recall a fond memory for you, do please let us know and we will add it to our celebrations!  If you could email these points to Ann (details below) or write them down and get them to Bill so that they can be compiled, we would love to hear from you.


Tickets:              Ann Wood        email:           a.wood125@btinternet.com

                                   Bill Lyle            Tel:               01386 841053
                                                                                  Lion House, Seymour Gate,
                                                                                  Chipping Camden, Glos, GL55 6BP